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Plan-It Lean

Juicy Nibbles

Here is another super quick to prep, yummy, refreshing n healthy in between meal nibble! Everyone time challenged LOVES the between meal snacks that are a cakewalk to slap together ! Juicy Nibbles is an all time smokey hot day favorite! The watermelon squares are refreshing while...


Olive oh Olive!

Olive oh Olive! often referred to as the "fruit of life" in biblical days these lil guys are an awesome snack to help Blast Fat FAST! For those of us who do not "adore" the taste of these fabulous, healthy juicy pudge balls ...


Smashed Chick Pea and Avocado Dip

Ideally and in a perfect world our lives would be filled with June Cleaver moments and Everyone would follow the age old credo to eat Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper! That's a tough one as most of us...


Fat Phobia & Cellular Aging

FATS-----Okay, this is a reaaaaalllly broad subject so I invite you to check yourself out and see if you have an overt EFA ( Essential Fatty Acid) deficiency! IF you have any of these symptoms then yup! you are more than likely extremely fatty acid lacking...



Okay we ALL tend to overdue on the Thanksgiving Holiday.. That's the exception to our diet plan or any weight loss diet we may be on. However help in the form of a few simple suggestion are here! Here goes...


Find out if your Thyroid is exhausted!

Who knew that little butterfly shaped gland at the base of out neck could profoundly affect the way we feel?! DO NOT fear there is a simple n easy way to discover if your thyroid is too tired to keep you bouncing along ----- So read on...


Vegetarian or Bust!

Picture this! Right! So picture a big ol double cheeseburger eaten WITHOUT the sugary bun, the large order of French fries and OH, of course the 24 oz coke!I am SURE this is one of the major reasons why those who eat more animal protein increase...


Weight & Metabolism

Obesity is a fast "growing concern worldwide and people are trying like crazy to reverse personal trends! Interestingly enough a number of studies now show that losing significant amounts of weight can leave you with a SLOWER metabolism than before the weight loss! Researchers measured the...



Big Pharma. in this case Abbott Labs, along with the AMA and some unenlightened Physicians have reached new lows in their greedy attempt to capture yet another venue to push Lupron a renowned cancer drug! Lupron has been one of the top selling cancer drugs...