November 2001 ⋆ Plan-It Lean
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November 2001

Free Yourself From Fatigue

Following Diabetes, thyroid disease is the most common glandular disorder in America today.  Thyroid problems tend to be more common in women, although low thyroid function is on the rise in men as well.  This, in part, is due to poor quality, low nutrient healthy...


Ask the Expert: Cataracts

Q:  My family is prone towards cataracts and my mother was just diagnosed with macular degeneration.  How do I dodge both “bullets”? A:  With time and antioxidative stress the aging eye accumulates photo-oxidative damage due to its interaction with light.  This can put you at risk...


Ask the Expert: Vitamins and a “Good” Diet

Q:  I’m 32 years old, still fairly young, so do I really need to take vitamins?  My doctor says I don’t, that I just need to eat a good diet.  I have no idea what a “good” diet really means! A:  Randomized trials validating the effectiveness...