November 2004 ⋆ Plan-It Lean
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November 2004

Ask the Expert: All about Vitamins

Q. Are vitamins a good idea at any age; are the Recommended Dietary Allowances accurate; and is there a difference between synthetic and natural vitamins?  Please help! A. The best source of vitamins is through diet plans that have plenty of organic, raw "live" foods distributed...


Ask the Expert: Detox

Q. I would like to detox, but I’m not sure I need to and, I’m very confused by all the detox teas, herbal blends, tinctures and various detox kits!  Are we all toxic and if so, what do you recommend to begin a “gentle” detox...


Ask the Expert Cancer

Q. Every couple of months I hear of yet another person (age aside) who has cancer.  Is this disease spiraling out of control or is it my imagination? A. Every year 1-4 million Americans are diagnosed with cancer, while 540,500 die.  That’s approximately 1,500 people per...