May 2010 ⋆ Plan-It Lean
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May 2010

Ask the Expert: Food Cravings

Q. Why do I crave certain foods, like sugars, so often?  What is this a sign of? A. One of the most common “craving” misconceptions is that if you crave something then it must contain a vitamin, mineral, or nutrient that your body is lacking.  The...


Ask the Expert: Obesity and Diabetes

Q. Why is the obesity and diabetes rate in this country climbing so fast?  My husband’s family is very overweight and I am concerned about his gene pool!  A. Here is the good news- 79% of ALL diseases, obesity included, need the correct “landscape” to present! ...


Ask the Expert: Osteopenia

Q. I have read here and there that the habitual use of Acetaminophen can be dangerous- but for me it is the quickest way to reduce a fever or aches and pains. Should I be concerned? A.The aforementioned biphosphate drugs work by killing off osteoclasts, known...