August 2011 ⋆ Plan-It Lean
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August 2011

Understand Your Brain (Part Two)

The movie Down the Rabbit Hole denotes that our frontal lobe, or cortex, allows us to change our minds (free will). Therefore, we can, if we choose, make free will choices to: a) choose what we know based on what we already know, or b) inspect possibilities...


Understand Your Brain (Part One)

I just watched Down the Rabbit Hole, a documentary based on quantum physics - I highly recommend checking it out. The point of the movie is how we create and manifest our reality based on our personal observations. Our perceptions, driven by our observations, are based...


Capsaicin: Lose Weight Eating Tabasco Sauce

I'm reading For Women First and the front cover of the magazine denotes that capsaicin makes fat cells self-destruct. The article states that capsaicin found in hot chili peppers, Tabasco sauce and jalopenos works similar to ephedra without harming your heart. But if you have a tender stomach, eating these food...


All Salad Dressings Are Not Created Equal

When my dear friend, Steve Strompolos, first approached me with his idea to create a superior salad dressing (born of family tradition) one that could fit into any healthy meal plans or meal plan for weight loss, I thought, "Hmm...


Antidepressants & Side Effects

I witness so many crossing my threshold "hooked" on antidepressants. Just the other night, I saw an ad for a new and improved antidepressant that listed cancer as a side effects. My husband asked me, "Can these drugs companies really advertise a drug that can...