April 2016 ⋆ Plan-It Lean
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April 2016

More Sex You Say?

Researcher's at Coventry University of England studied 6,800 men and women ages 50 to 89 and found that those who were sexually active scored higher on cognitive tests than those who were not sexually active! Sex increase levels of dopamine and oxytocin (the feel good hormones)...


SILVER SEARCH and Granny Cams!

Have you ever had they daylights scared out of you when a Grandparent, elderly aunt or uncle "ran away" while dazed and confused? I have, twice! Given that dementia is a upward spiraling dilemma Illinois lawmakers recently passed not one but two laws to protect seniors...


Are you Toxic or Alkaline?

It is SO difficult to alkalize our bodies as well as stay alkalized! Acidity born of many variant stressors increases inflammation, shrinks the frontal cortex of the brain & ultimately helps cancer express! Acidifying culprits? Carbs, particularly refined sugars & overly processed long shelf life "foods"...


Turn on your Skinny hormones!

Just by consuming "enough" healthy nut based Oils and fats daily you can reverse a sluggish lazy metabolism! These precious "essential" fats and oils are the building you need to consume every single day in adequate quantities to create ALL hormones, including the ones that...


BIG Pharma Pickpockets!

Is Big Pharma taking someone you care about or even your own pocketbook down the drain? You are so not alone! A dear friend of mine called me a few weeks back with heartbreaking, devastating news...