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Running on Empty!

Running on Empty!

Fuel Phobia

After consulting primarily with women for over two and a half decades, I am still stymied as to why the vast number of women starve themselves…yes, not limit calories…. but starve their bodies which causes them to run on empty. I call this Fuel Phobia!
Recently at a health forum hosted by yours truly I queried participants as to why they were there and what they were seeking regarding their health?

One dear heart told her story (not atypical of many females) as to how she was 100 lbs heavier 30 years ago…went on a starvation diet….. lost 100 lbs and continued to eat approx 500 calories per day…as she’s just “too busy” to eat given she is always taking care of everyone else.
The problems she has created are layered ….I went on to explain why—-:
Her set point is now seriously lowered. Her metabolism has adjusted to the measly 500 calories a day compromising her system on all fronts and having her run on empty!
Yes, “things” will kinda/sorta function but at what cost? Read on….Without ample fuel daily you can anticipate the following health issues to arise over time…..
Brain function/memory/energy will all tank
Adrenal/thyroid/immune responses will all tank
Glucose levels will spike up and down making you tired AND cranky (Hypo/Hyper glycemia) trending you towards Insulin Resistance (increased belly fat) eventually Diabetes rears its ugly head ….with Obesity on its coat tails!

NOW you have lowered & locked your set point in at say, 500 calories per day simply by year after year consuming a ridiculously low amount of fuel or calories daily….Next if you eat even 100 more calories on any given day you will bloat up and store fat like crazy. And on it goes….


Deborah Arneson is a Licensed Clinical Nutritionist and consultant providing INTELLIGENT NUTRITION FOR LIFE!!!

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