August 2016 ⋆ Plan-It Lean
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August 2016

Balance for your Skin and Bones!

Did you know that the appearance of wrinkles on your lovely face can indicate you are not producing enough elastin? AND, that less elastin and collagen are linked to the development of Osteoporosis? Too young to fret, right? well read on...



5 years ago this month my family lost my beautiful nephew Shane. Too young, he was the sweetest of hearts, and one of the nicest kids on planet earth. Sadly his legacy---- an unrequited life. Heartbroken again this week we lost another amazing nephew, Adam a...


You, the Sun, Antioxidants and Vitamin C.

The ozone layer is rapidly disappearing and, with it the invaluable protection it offers in blocking sun driven radiation from nuking our skin--- even on a cloudy day! Studies now show that 40% of Americans will develop some type of basal or squamous cell carcinoma by...


Peeeeuuuu! What’s that smell?

IF you sweat like crazy in the summer and want to squelch your armpit flow read on! To expand, there are two types of glands in your body--- Apocrine and Eccrine, both are located all over producing sweat using a mixture of salt and water. The...