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Fish Oils – How much? Which kind?

Fish Oils – How much? Which kind?

Fish Oils – How much, which kind? What ratios? Read on …

Omega 3’s can be divided into 2 categories: Fish oils and plant oils. Fish oils should be ingested in a 4 to 1 ratio – DHA to EPA – for brain health. Plant sourced oils, such as Flax seed oil, are ideal for young people under 21. After 21, the need for Omega 6 oils increases, while Flax is a no-no. Healthy Omega 6’s should be consumed in a 4 times greater ration than Omega 3 oils.

WOMEN! The best Omega 6 oils are Primrose, Safflower, Borage oils – absolutely necessary for both pre and post-menopausal women as these oils reduce the risk of heart disease, lower high cholesterol and increase protective HDL levels; Plus, these incredible oils reduce inflammation and cancer risk!
Omega 9 oils assist and protect your heart, while controlling blood sugar. Found in avocados, raw seeds and nuts. Omega 9’s also melt arterial plaque and keep the brain happy.

REMEMBER: by consuming enough Omega 6 and Omega 3’s, you will create more Omega 9’s. So, Throw Your Health A Lifeline! Embrace Healthy 4 you Fats!


Deborah Arneson is a Licensed Clinical Nutritionist and consultant providing INTELLIGENT NUTRITION FOR LIFE!!!


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    December 22, 2016 at 9:19 pm Reply

    I’d venture that this article has saved me more time than any other.

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