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Ayurveda Oat Chevado (Chivda) Snack

Looking for a healthy, tasty, savory and sweet snack that fits nicely into healthy meal plans? Try Ayurveda Oat Chevado. Chevado, also known as Oats Chivda, is a healthy, savory and sweet snack that’s similar to granola. When you crave something crunchy, it’s perfect! Oat Chevado (Chivda) 1 cup...


Ayurveda Tips for a Healthy Spring

It may not feel like it, but the spring equinox is almost here. Whew! With the shift in seasons, our bodies change and we experience physical and mental shifts. Following Ayurvedic health principles allows the body to more easily transition to the new season without...


What to expect during a colonic

Perhaps you’ve heard of the many benefits of colonics, but are still nervous to experience one for yourself. Below, I outline the benefits of colon hydrotherapy and what to expect during a colonic. Over time, excess toxic wastes can accumulate in your liver and colon even...


Why a Tissue Mineral Analysis and not a Blood Test?

Let us first begin by discussing why a standard blood test may not reveal what is truly occurring biochemically in regards to many different health concerns. In subsequent articles we will discuss the integral relationship of diet plans to your blood, or "nutrient delivery systems". A...

Gallery 2

Insomnia? If You’re Not Too Tired, Read On…

Insomnia? Insomnia. Just this word all by itself strikes more fear in the souls of most than our first (really) scary movie. As of today, 50% of American women report having sleep problems several nights per week. The average woman sleeps approximately six hours and 41...


What’s in Your Water?

  Last week’s blog covered the FDA’s specs on the various terms with which companies label bottled water. My hope was to create clarity on what we are really paying for, how your diet plan acts reciprocally with, and how these waters serve our bodies. This week’s...


Clearing the Myths on Bottled Water

How confused are we about bottled water? Very - and rightfully so. The property's of bottled water are nearly as important as those of a healthy diet plan! As of 2012, approximately 60% of the people in the U.S. drink bottled water on a regular...