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Plan-It Lean

Ask the Expert: Obesity and Diabetes

Q. Why is the obesity and diabetes rate in this country climbing so fast?  My husband’s family is very overweight and I am concerned about his gene pool!  A. Here is the good news- 79% of ALL diseases, obesity included, need the correct “landscape” to present! ...


Ask the Expert: Racing Heart

Q. My heart races randomly for no apparent reason. It is nerve wracking- what is going on?  A. These are termed palpitations. Anxiety and stress often precipitates this reaction, while caffeinated products, highly refined sugar products, i.e. alcoholic beverages (Rum, Cognacs), as well as decongestants can...


Ask the Expert: Macular Degeneration

Q. Macular degeneration runs in my family.  Is there anything I can do to prevent this gene from showing up? A. According to a nationwide clinical trial performed a few years ago by the National Eye Institute, supplementing with antioxidants and zinc can reduce your risk. ...


Ask the Expert: Peri-Menopause

Q. I am already experiencing hot flashes and sleep problems meanwhile my periods are moving further apart with ever lighter flow. I am only 42, what is up? A. You are entering the often dreaded peri-menospausal cycle. Peri-menopause can begin 8 to 12 years before your...