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Plan-It Lean

Ask the Expert: Mad Cow Disease

Q. Do we still need to be concerned about getting Mad Cow disease from our beef? A. Until greed goes – it will remain a concern.  In 2006 the FDA banned old cow’s brains and spinal cords in all animal feed.  The FDA’s gift to us...


Ask the Expert: Overcome Airborne Allergies

Q. It’s allergy season and I’m a wreck.  How do I “clean” up my environment, lose the inhaler and beef up my immunity to overcome airborne allergies? A. Lets start inside as most folks spend approximately 90% of their time indoors. First, consider some of these tips: [list...


Ask the Expert: Plastic in the Human Body

Q. There have been a number of blogs about the alarming amount of plastic found in the human body.  Should I trade my Nalgene water bottle in for a metal one? A. Plastic compounds found in human tissue appears to be quite rampant (and not necessarily...


Ask the Expert: Autoimmune Diseases

Q. Have you heard of the body being allergic to itself?  How is this possible and does it affect men and women equally? A. Yes, this is categorized as a neuro-endocrine immune disease.  The number of Autoimmune diseases supercede high blood pressure and syndrome x combined. An...


Ask the Expert: Sulfa Allergies

Q. I am allergic to sulfa drugs, therefore, I believe I am also allergic to sulfur and sulfates.   Aren’t they all in the same family? A. Simply put sulfur in the form of sulphate is a necessary component to life and will not create adverse...