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Plan-It Lean

Endometriosis and Dioxin – The Toxic Link

At least 5 million women in the United States suffer from endometriosis, with 10% of these women in their reproductive years.  Infertility affects approximately 30-40% of all women presenting endometriosis with infertility being a common end result of the disease.  In endometriosis uterine tissue can...


Ask the Expert: Detox

Q:  Just how necessary is it to detox and is it something one does a couple of times a year? A:  The average American consumes approximately ten to twenty pounds of chemicals per year, even if you try to adhere to healthy diet plans.  Imagine your...


Ask the Expert: Cancer and Dr. Budwig

Q:  My mom has cancer, which has motivated me to research “to exhaustion” the potential benefits of conventional therapies combined with integrative/alternative therapies. A number of non-conventional support therapies appear to hold great promise. What is your experience and knowledge regarding integrative therapies? A:  Clinical Research...


Ask the Expert: Atkins Diet

Q: Lately I have been hearing how bad the Atkins Diet can be, can you tell me why? Also I am hearing high fat diets are now the best way to go to lose weight. What’s going on? A: First of all “Diets” don’t work, certainly...


Ask the Expert: Vascular Dementia

Q:  My father, a smoker and a diabetic, is only 68 and has recently been diagnosed with Vascular Dementia.  Is this solely due to his smoking, and is this reversible?  If not, will his symptoms get worse and will medicines or vitamin therapy help slow...


Diets Don’t Work

For the most part everyone desires to lose weight, decrease body fat, and build muscle.  Many have become fanatical, indulging in weight loss programs such as the Ornish, Aitkins, and Susanne Somers programs, and, while people are seeing fast weight loss, they are bringing undue...


Ask the Expert: Surgical Worries

Q:  My mother is scheduled for surgery soon and of course she’s now hearing surgical horror stories about goof ups while “down under.”  What can I do to convince her that surgery is nothing to worry about? A:  Your mother’s concern is not totally unwarranted, as...


Anthroposophical Healing

When people ask me what type of healing modality I use to assist my clients in pursuance of optimal health - I reply a combination and marriage of many modalities honed to a science which efficiently regenerates the “whole” self.  In short, I align my...