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Ask the Expert: Pets and Vitamins

Q. I wish to give my pet vitamins. It’s confusing. Also, I’ve heard  that certain fat soluble vitamins should not be given to dogs in particular- what do you recommend and how much should I give to a dog that weighs 60 pounds? A. You’re smart...


Ask the Expert: All about Vitamins

Q. Are vitamins a good idea at any age; are the Recommended Dietary Allowances accurate; and is there a difference between synthetic and natural vitamins?  Please help! A. The best source of vitamins is through diet plans that have plenty of organic, raw "live" foods distributed...


Ask the Expert: Vitamins and a “Good” Diet

Q:  I’m 32 years old, still fairly young, so do I really need to take vitamins?  My doctor says I don’t, that I just need to eat a good diet.  I have no idea what a “good” diet really means! A:  Randomized trials validating the effectiveness...