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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Q:  Per her gynecologist’s advise, my mother has faithfully taken hormones for the past ten years.  These helped to relieve her hot flashes and also led her to believe the drugs would protect her heart from heart attacks and her bones from developing osteoporosis.  Out of fear and family pressure, she has stopped her Premarin but is very concerned and confused.  What would you recommend?

A:  The first step is for your mom to take a female saliva hormone panel test.  This will accurately assess seven necessary hormone levels which need to be evaluated independently as well as in relationship to one another.  We offer this type of testing at our clinic or, you can investigate online and find an Environmental based Doctor who utilizes saliva testing and who has been interpreting test results in abundance for a minimum of 5 years.  Here’s what is involved:  your mom will “spit” first thing in the morning upon rising.  Her saliva is shipped to one of four preferred labs in the U.S. where an assay is performed.  These results are mailed back to her practitioner and generally the practitioner along with a compounding pharmacist will create a plant based dermal cream in very specific doses to be applied on soft skin areas daily.  Seven hormones are tested.  Of these, Estrone is a “torcher” estrogen, which is known to cause cancer – women tend to produce more of this after age 60.  Estradiol is a “hot” estrogen, which can definitely become problematic.  Women tend to produce more of this type after 40 to 45 years.  This has been the primary type of estrogen given to women for hormone replacement over the past 25 plus years.  The third type of estrogen is Estriol, which is an anti-cancer, youth- promoting estrogen highly produced from 12 to 35 years.  Next, progesterone, testosterone as well as DHEA and cortisol are evaluated, the latter two which represent adrenal function.  Your adrenal glands pick up a large percentage of your estrogen and progesterone production once you slide into menopause.  Hopefully they are functioning well enough to accommodate this task.    Once your seven hormone value results are defined, a prescription for your specific need ratios is compounded.  This test takes out all the guesswork.  Re-testing is recommended two to three times per year for the first year, then; if your mom is feeling great, retest one to two times per year thereafter.

To go off HRT is wise, as studies have shown that taking HRT for a period of five years heightens a woman’s risk of invasive breast cancer by 26%, heart attacks by 29%, strokes by 41% and if taking estrogen alone for ten years she significantly increases her risk of ovarian cancer.  Individual Hormone needs is nothing to “guess” at, currently, while unfortunate, thousands of women are flushing their pills down the toilet – which dumps into everyone’s water supply, hence we are all inadvertently dosing with hormones!

Unfortunately, your mom took HRT for ten years, yet there are a number of things she can do to offset the xeno estrogens from creating future problems.  There is an herbal product called Lifeone, a liquid which helps to move excess synthetic hormones out of stubborn receptor sites.  Consuming a diet high in EFA’s will also gently bolster the bad guy out of their lock down sites.

It is important to understand that, with the onset of menopause, production of very important steroid hormones begins to lessen and no one “pill” or “thing” is going to replace these varied hormones.

Most women who are serious about alternative approaches need to try a number of different components and find the combination that works for them personally.  Always, kwwp lots of antioxidants in a healthy meal plan. I recommend finding a practitioner who will work with you as your advocate not a health provider who refuses to educate themselves regarding the benefits of natural, alternative and safe therapies.

Deborah Arneson is a Licensed Clinical Nutritionist, a professional consultant and president of Plan it Lean. If you would like to THROW YOUR HEALTH A LIFELEINE & embrace INTELLIGENT FAT LOSS FOR LIFE! call Plan it Lean 312.664.2288


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