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Hormone Replacement Therapy – Lifting the Veil of Confusion

Hormone Replacement Therapy – Lifting the Veil of Confusion

I believe God gives us back-door gifts.  One of my many back-door gifts came at the age of 43 when I began my transition into an early menopause.  This far too early transition was prompted by three major female surgeries and three D&C’s all in my 20s and 30s.  Nonetheless, I rolled up my sleeves and began researching the less than abundant information on Hormone Replacement Therapy.  I explored the contraindications, the plusses, the risks and the cause and effect of long-term hormone synthetic, versus natural supplementation.  Almost everything I read at that time was based on research prompted by the American Medical Association and pharmaceutical companies.  The biggest “push” for women to take HRT was the need hypothesized to reduce the risk of heart attacks.  Now the “oops” has been let out of the bag.  After 20-plus years, the American Medical Association and pharmaceutical companies have come to find standard hormone replacement therapies DO NOT reduce our risk of heart problems at all – the truth is, standard hormone replacement therapy greatly increases ones risk of developing cancers, here’s why:

There are three major estrogens the human body makes, estriol, estradiol, and estrone.  Estriol is the youthful estrogen, produced in higher quantities between the ages of 10 to 30 years.  It is a known anti-carcinogenic estrogen.  Estriol is also a more volatile estrogen (somewhat influencing the behavior of our teens and early 20s) it is difficult to manage on a HRT basis.

The second type is called estradiol.  This is a more stable estrogen.  We produce higher quantities of this estrogen from 30 to 50 years.  Estradiol is termed a flamethrower, which infers its ability to heat up your cells, potentially creating an optimal environment to create cancer.  Since women make more of this estrogen in there 30s, AND, pesticides mimic estradiol which links into your body’s many receptor sites including those in the uterus, breasts and brain, AND, birth control and hormone replacement therapy, (the patch and the pill) are composed primarily of estradiol, the risk of creating a “hot” estrogen that predisposes one to develop cancer greatly increases your risk greatly.  This is the #1 type of estrogen found in pill and patch form.

The third estrogen, estrone, is an estrogen women make more of around the age of 50.  This type of estrogen is a “torcher” estrogen and a known precursor to creating cancerous cells.  This is still to often used in many standard hormone replacement therapy products.

At 43 years, I chose to use the most benign natural of products, a dermal progesterone cream substitute derived from wild yams.  Progesterone is known to convert in the liver to any one of three estrogens your body needs the most, providing your liver is in excellent condition.  Well, I did not do a saliva hormone panel test prior to taking the natural product, which is foolish at best.  I blew up – my breasts became ponderous, I began to put on upper body weight and I became very emotional.  This was not me.  I then took a saliva test and found my three estrogens to be high enough for 16 nubile princesses.  I stopped the wild yam cream and took yearly saliva hormone tests to check my hormone levels.  As of this year my levels are perfect without hormone replacement therapy.

My recommendation is to request a saliva hormone test from either your doctor or a reliable source.  The tests we utilize include the tri-estrogens, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA and cortisol.  If your physician needs more information on the efficacy of saliva versus blood hormone testing, refer them to the University of Madison’s natural pharmacy.  Their pharmacists are gracious and eager to share the pros and cons of blood versus saliva testing.

If you would like more information on saliva testing, or resources for dermal or sublingual hormone replacement, please feel free to schedule five to ten minutes to talk to me or our compounding pharmacist.

Next month I will explain the difference between a hormone blood test and saliva testing.

With wishes of abundant health,

Deborah Arneson, President of Nutrition Consultants

Deborah Arneson is a Licensed Clinical Nutritionist, a professional consultant and president of Plan it Lean. If you would like to THROW YOUR HEALTH A LIFELEINE & embrace INTELLIGENT FAT LOSS FOR LIFE! call Plan it Lean 312.664.2288

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