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Natural Menopause Your “Change” – Your Way

Natural Menopause Your “Change” – Your Way

With all of the much overdue and much needed hoopla surrounding Hormone Replacement Therapy, it’s time for many of us to explore natural options NOW!

I am receiving a wave of calls and consultations from women who have been on standard HRT for five, ten to fifteen plus years.  These women are scared to death about the “new” (not really new at all) findings the AMA and the press released early last fall involving HRT.

Originally HRT was sold to the unsuspecting females of America as the perfect health option to not only replace waning amounts of our much-needed estrogen as we transition through perimenopause to menopause but also purported to be absolutely necessary to avoid heart problems potentially founded by a lack of estrogen.

Often times a short-term, less than viable study is conducted, a hypothesis formed – presented by the pharmaceutical company to the FDA, approved by the FDA, a major PR firm hired, negative info leaked to the press and panic ensues.  Viola, women stream to their gyno’s desperate to avoid the touted fatal outcome due to lack of estrogen.  Hot flashes and bitchiness aside, the fear of a heart attack is VERY compelling.

Approximately ten years ago, leaks and tidbits filtered into the alternative medicine and health field that all was not kosher with HRT.  Doctors with a conscience abandoned board positions, left partnerships and thriving practices when learning that HRT can greatly increase a woman’s risk of developing cancer especially when combined with radiation through mammograms, AND, most importantly, HRT does not protect women from heart disease – whatsoever!

Why didn’t these doctors come forward and speak up?  Some did. However, the Golden Rule in medicine is:  doctors don’t turn on other doctors.  The AMA is a brotherhood and a powerful, influential one at that.

Pharmaceutical companies are simply about increasing their bottom line.  The more drugs and hormones are needed and sold the more revenues increase!  Managed Care companies are just that – they manage your lack of good health, your illness or disease and make billions of dollars when millions of people become sick and develop diseases such as cancer.  Cancer is a multibillion dollar business.  I personally question anyone or any company involved in making serious digits off the ills of Americans.

All of that charming information aside, what do we do?  First and foremost, find a practitioner who will partner with you.  One who cares, who has time for you, returns phone calls and, for the first three months, will walk with you through this transition.  They should have a solid relationship with a compounding pharmacist who is seasoned in natural HRT replacement involving your need for dermal creams or sublingual oral hormones and, who is also on call as needed for support and information.  Your practitioner of choice should be open to and hopefully know the difference between a blood hormone evaluation versus a saliva hormone evaluation.

Patience is key here.  Hormones take a minimum of three months to alter, shift and balance out.  Do not think you will see significant results in one week or even one to two months.  Some do, but not many.

Next, look at your diet; healthy meal plans are imperative. Increase your percentage of unsaturated fatty acid foods daily such as avocado, hommus, olives and organic, unrefined omega three and six oils.  Lose caffeine, sugar, dairy and alcohol if your hot flashes are leaving you dripping wet.  This is generally a progesterone issue.  Increase your source of purified high mineral water.  Try the following herbs:  black cohosh 40 to 200 milligrams per day to decrease hot flashes (or red clover, begin with the lowest dose).  Chaste berry helps to regulate progesterone and bone density levels.

Siberian ginseng can prevent vaginal wall thinning.  Take Rescue Remedy as often as needed to ward off anxiety.

Start moving – commit to some form of exercise – walk, run, Pilates, yoga or weights – just move a minimum of three to four times per week.

De-stress and balance with aromatherapy, oils, massage and acupuncture (my favorite) with a therapist and a setting that nourishes and soothes your soul.

Seek time alone.  Your change is and should be wonderful, intuitive and freeing, not awful.  Meditate in your tub nightly with lavender and ylang ylang oils.  Stretch, breathe deep and be glorious in your knowledge that you are taking care of you.

For more information on excellent compounding pharmacists and holistic gynos feel free to call Nutrition Consultants of Healing Quest Center at 312-664-7979.

Deborah Arneson is a Licensed Clinical Nutritionist, a professional consultant and president of Plan it Lean. If you would like to THROW YOUR HEALTH A LIFELEINE & embrace INTELLIGENT FAT LOSS FOR LIFE! call Plan it Lean 312.664.2288


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