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Ask the Expert: Heart Surgery and Preventive Care

Ask the Expert: Heart Surgery and Preventive Care

Q. My husband needs open heart surgery AND, while my husband and I are OK financially, we are heading into retirement.  We need to watch our dollars and cents.  Do you suggest sinking our expendable dollars into preventive care with vitamins, organic food, etc., or have him take the multiple medications his doctor recommends?

A. That’s a loaded question.  Somewhere in the middle would probably be most palatable to you, your lifestyle AND, your pocketbook. Healthy meal plans are NEVER a waste of expendable dollars

A dear friend of mine had a quadruple bi-pass not too long ago.  He has Medicare as well as supplemental insurance with Blue Cross.  Here’s what his surgery, his insurance and what it continues to cost him monthly.  Treatments, tests, surgery and hospital stay $90,000; doctors’ fees $60,000 – totaling $150,000!

His current monthly layout is:

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$ 210 for Supplemental Blue Cross

$72 for Prescription Drug Program

$516 for Medicines out-of-pocket

$40 for Medicare Drug Plan


This totals $838.00 a month out-of-pocket simply to keep up his monthly (doctor referred) medication fixes.  So yes, I do recommend looking at lifestyle, supplement and food adjustments In the long run it’s cheaper.

It is silly to ignore the factors that can contribute to heart problems.  Reducing stress is #1 OR find ways to manage stress more efficiently such as exercise or meditation.  #2 is to change your diet plans to a high intake of life-saving fibrous and healthy fat foods (consider reading Fries, Thighs And Lies).  Supplements such as CoQ10 bring oxygen to the heart while AlphaLipoic Acid lowers LDL levels.  Inositol reduces blood clots risk, lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels while the ACE vitamins are a must for anyone looking for protection for the heart.


Deborah Arneson, Licensed Clinical Nutritionist and consultant, is president of Advanced Nutrition Therapeutics (formerly Healing Quest Center, Inc.)  If you would like more information regarding your path to health, please call Advanced Nutrition Therapeutics at 312.664.2288.

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