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Ask the Expert: Man Boobs

Ask the Expert: Man Boobs

Q. My husband is developing “man boobs” and he’s only 38 years old.  He’s embarrassed and  I’m jealous!  Any ideas on how to reverse this?

A. Regardless, both sexes share the same hormones.  This difference in hormone levels, males vs females is due to the ratios and concentrations of varied hormones.  Generally when I see “man boobs” in my practice the male presents with lower than normal male hormones and higher than normal estrogen levels.  This can be due to excessive consumption of hormonal treated meat and dairy products as well from something as seemingly benign as ingesting excess grain and/or hops.  Non-organic hops and grains are sprayed with pesticides laced in fat soluble solutions which can mimic estrogen’s once processed by the liver.  Excess xeno/estrogens in either sex can lead to an increase in fat storage, larger breasts and, in men, prostrate concerns. I recommend a Saliva Hormone Test (not blood.)  Test his E2, (Estradiol) testosterone, progesterone, DHEA as well as his morning, lunch, dinner and bedtime Cortisol levels.

If Cortisol levels are low this inhibits DHEA production which in turn thwarts testosterone production which in turn can promote high E2 levels.  Should his saliva results show higher than normal E2 levels he needs to take at least 5 DeAromatase inhibitor caps per day to allow an increase in his testosterone level while also pulling the excess Estrogen out of the fatty tissues as part of healthy meal plans.  After 4-6 months Voila! No more man boobs unless he continues to ingest hormone fed meats and pesticide-laden beer and grains.

Deborah Arneson, Licensed Clinical Nutritionist and consultant, is president of Advanced Nutrition Therapeutics (formerly Healing Quest Center, Inc.)  If you would like more information regarding your path to health, please call Advanced Nutrition Therapeutics at 312.664.2288.

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