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Ask the Expert: Hormonal Balance

Ask the Expert: Hormonal Balance

Q. I feel like a hormonal train wreck.  My moods vary daily and are most wacky with my cycle.  How can I fix this?

A. Hormonal balance is strongly connected to our diet plans, the amount of exercise we get, stress levels, and the amount of toxins we don’t excrete.  How these factors impact hormone levels, and most importantly, adrenal balance, is crucial.

Your adrenal glands make key hormones that mobilize immune and stress responses; build and maintain bone, muscle, sex drive, and thyroid function; and assist in steady mood and sound sleep.   As we age, our hormone bank account depletes, triggering imbalances.  An unhealthy lifestyle – going to bed late, less than 8.6 hours of sleep per night, overconsumption of coffee, alcohol, medications, and processed food – will expedite hormonal decline.   The most efficient way to ascertain the degree of imbalance is a saliva hormone test.  This looks at your adrenal function , estrogens –  good and bad – , testosterone, and progesterone levels.    With the help of a knowledgeable practitioner, you can regain balance with the correct nutrition and supplement support.  Fixing all should take no more than three to six months if you’re consistent. And remember the best supplements should always be incorporated into healthy meal plans.

Deborah Arneson is a Licensed Clinical Nutritionist and consultant.   If you would like to Throw Your Health a LIFELINE!!! call Plan-it Lean at 312.664.2288. 


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