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5 years ago this month my family lost my beautiful nephew Shane. Too young, he was the sweetest of hearts, and one of the nicest kids on planet earth. Sadly his legacy—- an unrequited life.


Heartbroken again this week we lost another amazing nephew, Adam a boy who broke your heart with his smile, delighted all of us with his enthusiasm, jumped into every conversation…and loved to talk, learn and share and talk some more when we all gathered at the Holidays. Another unrequited life.


My heart is broken still for Shane’s and Adam’s parents……I DO NOT know how a parent traverses thru such a thing and comes out standing upright still filled with faith that all in life is —-as it is intended to be.
I pray mightily for my beloved siblings and sisters of the heart and, I beseech you to raise them up as well—– holding them in light and healing ——again again and yet again.


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  • China

    December 23, 2016 at 4:30 am Reply

    Life is short, and this article saved vallabue time on this Earth.

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