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Being consistently stressed puts you in "survival mode". It can deplete your cortisol levels and cause a number of things to happen to your body.
Stressed, fight or flight, survival mode, depleting cortisol levels

Stressed and Perplexed

Stressed and Perplexed

When ongoing stress is prevailing your brain and immune system slide into “flight or fight” or what is termed survival mode!
When “survival mode” becomes your norm (and yes one can totally adapt to be assaulted by wacky stress influences) then blood sugar levels, nervous system function, a depleted immune system plus your brain patterns continue to roller coaster!
Downside? Depleted cortisol levels leaving you vulnerable to a host of health problems from increased belly fat…to sleep issues, memory loss, anxiety, cravings, even depression.
Eventually running cortisol on overdrive will wear you down and out!!~
To support and rebuild your home base your system requires Vit C…absolutely critical, along with N-Acetyl tyrosine PLUS ALL the B vitamins (two 3x’s a day) in a perfectly dosed complex (I like Bio-B Complex by Metabolic Management. Start with ALL of these to begin your recovery program from a stress packed life!


Deborah Arneson is a Licensed Clinical Nutritionist and consultant providing INTELLIGENT NUTRITION FOR LIFE!!!

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