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To Die or Not to Dye!

To Die or Not to Dye!


Food Dyes and your precious children’s health—–Here’s where it all started!
In 1906 The first Food and Drug Act bill was passed in Congress allowing some very weird and questionable ingredients into our food supply.
In 1927 The FDA was created whereby allowing 15 food dyes or colors to be approved for consumption by the public.
Unfortunately for folks who ate more grocery store bought foods than farm raised foods; exposure to 2 major carcinogens…. coal tar and petroleum were profound!
Referred to as “Colors to Die For “both of these not for human consumption ingredients (now known carcinogens) were used in a nearly all dyes and coloring agents at that time.
Fast forward to 1950’s when 1000’s of children across the US became ill due to Orange Dye # 9 found in Halloween candy. This perked up the heads of researchers!
However to this day not even one coloring dye used in our food chain today is listed as safe on the government’s GRAS list….CREEPY and what is the FDA thinkin?
In 1976 the FDA banned Red Dye # 2 replacing it with Red Dye # 40
Research to date shows that BOTH Red Dye #40 AND Yellow Dye # 5 predispose our precious children to developing Allergies, ADHD PLUS hyperactivity!
These deleterious dyes are found in juice boxes, sodas, mac n cheese, snacks such as Doritos and Fritos, cereals, any candy with bright seductive colors and ice creams to name a few!
Parents can pool their collective efforts by signing any and all petitions to fight against the use of dyes in our food chain The goal is to ban food companies such as General Mills, Keebler etc. from continuing to use these provocative dyes in our kids foods!
Consider signing the Illinois PIRG petition.
To expand your “Nutrition Intelligence” check out Web MD food dyes—as well as the FDA’s food dye history article, and the following link will help you sort out the dont’s from the do’s for a healthy child!

Deborah Arneson is a Licensed Clinical Nutritionist and consultant providing INTELLIGENT NUTRITION FOR LIFE!!!

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