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The New Smoking

The New Smoking

The New Smoking

Given that sitting is “the new smoking”…(thank you computers that were going to make our lives SOO much easier)…… and, if you are NOT eating organic, just remember 84% of all the foods you ARE eating are Genetically Modified (loading your body with manufactured viruses). We are with stuffing our faces with what appears to be a perfectly gorgeous looking apple or tomato..(while infusing our poor bodies with zero nutrients)! Let’s call it what it is…. dead food! Top this with stress….which is at an all time HIGH for most earthly inhabitants (releasing vast amounts of cortisol…the most excellent of fat storing hormones….). With statisticians revealing that within 24 years approximately two thirds of the world’s population will be obese AND diabetic …yes, it’s looking like a pandemic is heading our way.

Greed on all levels found in Food Corps, Big Pharma, Bayer, Monsanto are at he crux of destroying our well being, found in great health. These are the Goliath’s we need to conquer ….seemingly impossible yes? No not impossible at all, knowledge creates empowerment which drives change! FEAR NOT! Help IS HERE! Within 3 weeks we will be signing up Beta testers to “TEST DRIVE” our Plan-it Lean App… If you are selected in turn you get to use this gem of an App for another month at no charge! This is what the Plan-it Lean App is all about…and, a whole lot more! Get ready to “Throw Your Health A Lifeline!


Deborah Arneson is a Licensed Clinical Nutritionist and consultant providing INTELLIGENT NUTRITION FOR LIFE!!!

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