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11 sneaky belly fat triggers

11 sneaky belly fat triggers

If you can’t seem to get belly fat to budge, it may be one of these secret triggers.

You don’t get enough sleep

Sleep is crucial for giving your body time to naturally detox and balance hormones. If you get less than 8.6 hours of sleep at night, this may produce more cortisol, a known belly fat trigger.

You don’t go to bed early enough

Not only is it important to get enough sleep, the time you go to bed is also an important factor. Your body naturally wants to go into detox mode by Midnight, which means you must be in REM sleep. Try getting to bed by 9:30 or 10pm every night. You’ll feel and look incredible.

You continue to eat as much as when you were 20 years old

Metabolism does slow down with age, so it’s important to be mindful of not only the quality of food you eat, but also portions. Do you need a diet plan?

You eat only proteins and carbs

Both proteins and carbs convert to simpler “sugars” and unused sugars convert readily to belly fat! Eating a variety of veggies and fruits ensures that you’ll get enough fiber in your diet, which ensures healthy elimination and removal of gut-causing toxins. Go for lean protein sources, whole grains and lots of veggies for a balanced diet. We need to create a healthy meal plan for weight loss.

You drink your calories

Whether it’s coffee, alcohol, diet/regular soda, or Gatorade, you’re going to plump up the gut volume. Lack of fiber used to stabilize glucose is missing while “fake” sugars and caffeine stimulate the hormone cortisol, causing the body to store fat like crazy.

Eat out more often / huge portions

Be mindful of how often and where you eat out. Restaurants tend to serve huge portions, which can throw off your health and weight loss goals. Even if you choose a healthier menu option, if you don’t know what kind of oils foods are prepared in or where the restaurant sources it’s meat, produce, etc. you may be sabotaging your diet. Eating out should be a special occasion, not an everyday occurrence for the best weight loss system.


We’ll say it before and we’ll say it again: Trans-fats are really bad for you. These nasty fat-storing fats, not meant for human consumption, also mess with your arteries and heart.

You eat refined sugars and “white” foods

Eating white refined sugar, bread, rice and potatoes will all ramp up Insulin production. Too much Insulin circulating means fat storage.

Stress eating

Stress hormones stream into your bloodstream causing cravings.  Both these hormones and the junk you eat stoke the production of Insulin, which causes fat storage.

Skipping meals

When you skip meals, it drops your blood sugar while efficiently training your body to store fat like there’s no food coming tomorrow. Don’t deprive yourself or “save up” by skipping meals during the day for a big dinner or special event.

You don’t move

If you don’t walk, exercise and/or have a sedentary job, you may be sabotaging your belly fat reduction efforts. Inactivity melts muscles and promotes fat building. Just move daily, even for just 15 minutes!

Deborah Arneson is a Licensed Clinical Nutritionist and consultant providing INTELLIGENT NUTRITION FOR LIFE!!!

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