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What? Good Bacteria?

What? Good Bacteria?

One of my favorite quotes would be: You are what you eat AND what you don’t excrete! To expand…… Who knew that bacteria could be your friend? Yes your best buddy.

Studies show that many Americans tend to “overuse” antibiotics. This is the first step in the wrong direction and, can amplify the loss of your first line of defense…… which are the many “good” protective bacterias found to proliferate in a healthy intestinal tract.
IF you repeatedly rebuild a hardy good bacterial base in your gut simply by ingesting healthy high fiber foods and clean H20 daily; then your ability to excrete BAD bacterias while daily ridding your body of excess toxins become stellar!
In kids a healthy gut starts by playing and eating dirt. The 5 top “good” bacteria in the gut are soil based organisms. Most adults do not have time to play outside more and eat more dirt. So here a some simple remedies to begin to rebuild that gut of your!

So think Essential Oils, Young Living is my all time favorite! as 99% of their oils are SO clean they are edible!
Peppermint oil is great for IBS & when combined with Ginger is protective against Ulcers.

Cardamon & Clove are complementary as well….. Cardamon is a known anti inflammatory and anti spasmodic, while Clove helps to battle Candida.
Thyme and Rose are both gentle AND effective allowing the good bacteria to grow which in turn assists in stomping out the bad bacterial over growth!


Deborah Arneson is a Licensed Clinical Nutritionist and consultant providing INTELLIGENT NUTRITION FOR LIFE!!!

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