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Weight & Metabolism

Weight & Metabolism

Obesity is a fast “growing concern worldwide and people are trying like crazy to reverse personal trends! Interestingly enough a number of studies now show that losing significant amounts of weight can leave you with a SLOWER metabolism than before the weight loss!
Researchers measured the baseline resting metabolism of 14 weight loss contestants at the start as well as at the end of their competition then again at a six year follow-up. Each contestant showed a slower metabolism than before starting the weight loss!
Participants also showed a drop in several hormones that help to regulate hunger. Both these factors together make it more difficult for people to KEEP their weight off for the long haul!
To learn more about this particular study, google Kevin Hall Ph.D., co author of the new study “Studies are WAAAAY interesting” …however, a long term caloric restricted diet will ALWAYS lower your metabolic set point….Starvation is a no-no! While changing up your total base calories and adjusting WHERE those calories come from PLUS adequate movement or exercise is a must do— to keep your metabolism on its toes!

Deborah Arneson is a Licensed Clinical Nutritionist and consultant providing INTELLIGENT NUTRITION FOR LIFE!!!

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