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Find out if your Thyroid is exhausted!

Find out if your Thyroid is exhausted!

Who knew that little butterfly shaped gland at the base of out neck could profoundly affect the way we feel?!
DO NOT fear there is a simple n easy way to discover if your thyroid is too tired to keep you bouncing along —–


So read on IF you are not happy and perky every single day!
Symptoms of a sluggish thyroid can show up an extraordinary number of ways (depression, constipation, fatigue,weight gain OR weight loss, dry skin, susceptible to cold, easily chilled, thinning hair and outer eyebrows, hives, miscarriages, decreased stamina, inability to concentrate, candida, psoriasis, pain & tenderness in neck/thyroid area, difficulty swallowing, salt cravings, dry mouth etc…….)
Thyroid roadblocks are abundant in our environment and food supply. Just by sitting in front of a computer for hours we leach Iodine out of our bodies!
Fluoride put in our water supplies displaces iodine BIG time….mean while Iodine is critical in producing the Thyroid hormones T3 and T4!
I suggest taking the Iodine challenge test…its cheap n easy to do….
Go to Amazon n buy Sanvall Mercurochrome or you may find it at your local pharmacy (ask the pharmacist). This is the stuff our Mom put on our cuts n scrapes when we were kids.
Swab a 1 inch wide swath inside your inner arm….from the wrist up to the elbow

Do this first thing in the morning and keep your eye on the color to see how long it takes the red to fade!
If it disappears fairly quickly (within the first 1 to 5 hours) your need for Iodine is huge!
Your Iodine levels tend to be acceptable, IF it takes more than 12-14 hours to disappear!
You may find you need Iodine I recommend going to to order, their products are beyond clean!
Start with 1/2 tab per day retest in 2 weeks …bump up if necessary!

Deborah Arneson is a Licensed Clinical Nutritionist and consultant providing INTELLIGENT NUTRITION FOR LIFE!!!

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