Tabbouleh Recipe - Easy Breezy 5 Minute Recipe – Plan-It Lean

Tabbouleh Recipe – Easy Breezy 5 Minute Recipe

Tabbouleh Recipe – Easy Breezy 5 Minute Recipe

Tabbouleh! One of THE healthiest and most satisfying nibbles from the Middle East (originated in Lebanon & Syria)! Composed of either quinoa or bulgar wheat along with cilantro as the base this yummy slightly tart dish can be topped with beans, shrimp or protein for a quick n easy healthy meal to eat on the run! It is definitely an excellent chelator of heavy metals, helps heart and blood sugar levels, assists in reducing anxiety, along with supporting brain function…while high in Vitamin A can also help to improve vision!

You can buy pre-made fresh Tabbouleh from either Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods along with all the other YUMMY additives below! Pump up the nutritional volume by adding additional chopped cilantro, garlic or lemon to your hearts content! THE perfect nibble before going out on that sweetheart date! This will tie you over while NOT filling you up! Take it with you to share with your sweetheart date! After all this is something that is amazing for the BOTH of you and can be shared!

TABBOULEH (on the go):

1 container of pre-made Tabbouleh

Add (as desired): 

-additional lemon juice,

-chopped fresh cilantro (found in the produce section)

– chopped garlic (jarred is great)!

Place 1-2 Tbls. of your desired ingredients mixed together with Tabbouleh on Brown Rice Tortilla chips

To increase protein content: Top each with of shrimp, beans, or meat of choice

Try this easy breezy 5 minute recipe. It only takes FIVE minutes to prepare and get ready! Try it now and let us know what you think! This is a fun healthy snack that will taste delicious! Get those Vitamin A’s up to help with vision! Plus with it not only being YUMMY it will also help with other things such as anxiety. Get healthy with AMAZING foods right here at Plan-it Lean, you can also check out OTHER amazing recipes not just, Tabbouleh, such as….

YUMMY – Tabbouleh! Add all of your favorites to this amazing dish to make it even better!
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