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Attitude is Everything!

Attitude is Everything!

How you view the world and others in it is more important than money, education, facts, circumstances, appearance or skills. Attitude will make or break a home, a heart, a company or a church. The most amazing thing is we all have a choice every day regarding what we will embrace today! With those choices we can choose to be negative or positive, remember that not only does your attitude effect yourself but the people around you. Always pick the one that will not only make your days happy and fun but also the days of your friends happy and fun!

One cannot change the past, or how other people act or think, we cannot change the inevitable. We can only alter how we chose to “see” or view or react to all that is buzzing around us. Re framing things by adopting a different attitude is key to living a glorious life. You choose your own path, not others. The biggest and best thing you can choose is the way you will look at something. Remember that looking at something negative will always result in the worst outcome.

Attitude can make or break you. Check out “What the bleep do we know’ an old Marlee Matlin documentary based on the energy & how it affects the brain created by “attitude”!

Remember that how you act towards others and how you feel will effect how others treat you and feel for the day!

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