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Creamy Cashew Yum Smoothie :)

Creamy Cashew Yum Smoothie :)

Cashew(s) are AMAZING for LOTS of things. Using the nuts butter for a lot of different things are good for your body. This is one of THE healthy fats for your body, it helps prevent weight gain, helps fight off gallstones, etc. Their are so many amazing things to use this butter for don’t just choose one! Use it in a smoothie or our AMAZING Gooshy Goo Recipe (which has its own blog post!) and feel your hunger fade away.

For those of you who LOVE creamy n dreamy. Our Creamy Cashew Yum smoothie will be the new n healthy faux chocolate milkshake!


4 oz. coconut water
4 oz. coconut creamer
1/3 C. mango (use frozen, increases creamy)
1/4 c. RAW cashew nut butter
1 scoop cau cau bliss or powder
1/2 ripe avocado

Blend to smoothie consistency. Freeze and dip in when cravings hit! Watch your hunger fade away!

A delicious smoothie 🙂
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