June 2019 – Plan-It Lean

June 2019

Vitamin D

There is one single Vitamin that is essential AND affects almost every aspect of our health...



The growth of warts is a sign of an extreme B12, B 6 and Folate deficiency! (The 3 major anti-stress vitamins). SO begin taking these 3 B vitamins daily to start. There are also a number of simple & not that simple home remedies. These...


Cau Cau Smoothie

Our smoothie will not only give you a major energy boost it also kicks sweet cravings to the curb, stabilizes blood sugar levels AND melts fat! The Cau Cau powder adds that little bit of chocolaty flavor that makes the smoothie taste just right. But the...


Oil Swishing!

Oil pulling, oiliating, swishing, oral oil wash, all varied names for THE cheapest and one of the healthiest habits you can embrace! Oil pulling is great for those with gingivitis, as a preventive measure or for those with enamel loss!  Your oral microbiome is the landscape within...