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Cau Cau Smoothie

Our smoothie will not only give you a major energy boost it also kicks sweet cravings to the curb, stabilizes blood sugar levels AND melts fat! The Cau Cau powder adds that little bit of chocolaty flavor that makes the smoothie taste just right. But the...


Ask the Expert: Acupuncture

Q. Have acupuncture and acupuncture treatments been proven effective?  What are the most beneficial ways to use these treatments? A. Acupuncture has been a time trusted healing modality for over 3000 years plus!  While acupuncture isn’t necessarily for everyone, (some people can’t bear the thought of...


Anthroposophical Healing

When people ask me what type of healing modality I use to assist my clients in pursuance of optimal health - I reply a combination and marriage of many modalities honed to a science which efficiently regenerates the “whole” self.  In short, I align my...