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What to expect during a colonic

Perhaps you’ve heard of the many benefits of colonics, but are still nervous to experience one for yourself. Below, I outline the benefits of colon hydrotherapy and what to expect during a colonic. Over time, excess toxic wastes can accumulate in your liver and colon even...


Ask the Expert: Constipation Remedy

Q. I’m still dealing with constipation now and again although I take Pro-Biotics and do colonics one to two times a month.  Do I dare return to laxatives that I’ve tried so hard to avoid? A. Laxatives strip your villi, rendering you vulnerable to dysbiosis of the...


Ask the Expert: Colonic Truths

Q. I’ve heard Colonics can destroy the natural good bacteria in the colon.  Is this True? Can one over “do” Colon Hydrotherapy? A. Do healthy meal plans destroy good health? To over-do Colonics would be much like “overdoing” your intake of water -- it could  happen! ...


Ask the Expert: GMO Foods

Q. I read Jeffrey Smith’s book – Seeds of Deception.   His seemingly unbiased research  makes GMO foods and their effects even scarier.  How do these foods affect our children?  Any studies on this?  A. The studies on genetically modified foods at this point are limited. ...