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Increasing Metabolism in Fall

One can always “eat healthy,” fall, winter, or spring!  Healthy meal plans are a staple! The first suggestion is this – pick up your exercise a bit in the fall.  A good percentage of people tend to put weight on as temperatures drop.  An ideal...


Biochemical Balancing

Lately I have been encountering far too many individuals with distinctive biochemical imbalances.  These people present with often delusional, paranoid, as well as obsessive compulsive manifestations.  Their ability to operate and live normally is sadly limited. The history and medication application for these individuals often...


Three Reasons You’re not Losing Weight

Have you read just about every book and tried every weight loss diet that deals with body fat, size reduction and optimal health? With all the effort, hard work, savvy food choices, weight loss programs and rigorous exercises, are you still frustrated to no end...