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Ask the Expert: Upcoming Surgery

Q. I’m going in for surgery in a few weeks – and I’m concerned about the after effects-recovery time, residual effects of anesthesia, etc. Are there products I should take pre- or post-surgery to enhance recovery and help avoid problems? A. Absolutely – studies have shown...


Ask the Expert: Surgical Worries

Q:  My mother is scheduled for surgery soon and of course she’s now hearing surgical horror stories about goof ups while “down under.”  What can I do to convince her that surgery is nothing to worry about? A:  Your mother’s concern is not totally unwarranted, as...


Finding Doctor Right

I know I am dating myself, as the term “finding Mr. Right” was born in the 60’s. Finding the “right man” was many a woman’s focus. Since then, many of us have loved, lost and lived through it. Fast forward to the 00’s and, as...