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Weight and Obesity

Ask the Expert: Obesity and Diabetes

Q. Why is the obesity and diabetes rate in this country climbing so fast?  My husband’s family is very overweight and I am concerned about his gene pool!  A. Here is the good news- 79% of ALL diseases, obesity included, need the correct “landscape” to present! ...


Ask the Expert: Obesity Risk Factors

Q. What factors increase one’s risk of becoming obese later in life? A. Research shows a correlation between prenatal health status, patterns of fat deposition and appetite regulation later in life. What this means is fetuses exposed to high or low levels of nutrition tends towards...


Ask the Expert: Diet Pills

Q. I heard a new and improved diet pill has hit the market, what is the name? Does it work and do I have to worry about side effects? A. The latest supposed “quick fix” pill is called Orlistat (aka Alli) available without a prescription.  This...