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Ask the Expert: Gluten

Q. How would I know if I am gluten intolerant, sensitive, or allergic? I am tired a lot and more so after I eat wheat based products, plus, I seem to be developing more constipation problems! Help!! A. According to research 90% of everyone on the...


Ask the Expert: Spring Sinuses

Q. Every Spring my sinus problems crank up- I’m inflamed, stuffy, and then drippy- what can I do?  This season is seemingly endless! A. Seasonal allergies are greatly helped by reducing internal stressors.  Try cutting out the most “common” food irritants in April and May.  These...


Ask the Expert: Overcome Airborne Allergies

Q. It’s allergy season and I’m a wreck.  How do I “clean” up my environment, lose the inhaler and beef up my immunity to overcome airborne allergies? A. Lets start inside as most folks spend approximately 90% of their time indoors. First, consider some of these tips: [list...


Ask the Expert: Autoimmune Diseases

Q. Have you heard of the body being allergic to itself?  How is this possible and does it affect men and women equally? A. Yes, this is categorized as a neuro-endocrine immune disease.  The number of Autoimmune diseases supercede high blood pressure and syndrome x combined. An...


Ask the Expert: Sulfa Allergies

Q. I am allergic to sulfa drugs, therefore, I believe I am also allergic to sulfur and sulfates.   Aren’t they all in the same family? A. Simply put sulfur in the form of sulphate is a necessary component to life and will not create adverse...


Ask the Expert: Allergies

Q. My sister and I have tested positive for the same allergies.  We are both allergic to dairy and corn as well as cat dander and pollen.  I have red eyes and blotchy skin while she simply sneezes.  Why am I so cursed? A. Allergy symptoms...


Ask the Expert: Asthma

Q.  My 4 year old has been diagnosed with asthma. No one on either side of the family is asthmatic. How could this develop in a child so young and what should I incorporate that is natural, versus medication based, to help my child? A.  Over...