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The Secret to Anti-Aging? Oiling!

I was walking down the street recently and an old friend (whom I haven’t seen in sometime) pulls over, rolls down their car window and shouts, “You know you are going to be a beautiful old lady one day.”  Now, this is just what every...


Beautiful Skin

Beautiful skin – our calling card to the world!  Glowing, dewey, rosy, and wrinkle free is every woman’s ideal!  So what to avoid?  Daily infusions of caffeine, alcohol, sugar, medications, and too much 12:00 to 2:00 PM sun can thin and wrinkle your skin, dehydrate...


Aging – It’s All About Balance

To age or not to age?  Not only is this the “age old” question for most of us as we roll into our 40’s and 50’s, but it is also at the very least, a daunting and confusing subject. I may not be certain of many...


Beauty Is in the Eyes of the Beholder

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder- better put- beauty is in the health of eye.  Not as romantic but certainly, an important focus.  We so often take the functioning of our eyes for granted.  Yet when the vision dims, depth perception  dwindles or...