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Part Three: Understand Your Brain

In America, the use of prescription medications doubledbetween the years 1996 and 2005. Abandoned are the healthy meal plans that may negate the need for rampant over medication. Over 27 million Americans use medication to make their brains feel better or to simply arise to the...


Dealing with Stress

Stress!  It’s far easier not to ponder how truly stressed we are-It’s far too stressful AND, it may slow us down, and we all know there is no time for that! Stress is an unavoidable part of life. However from a consulting perspective I am witness...


Ask the Expert: Get Rid of Holiday Stress

Q. My stress this year has been ongoing and non-stop, so – how, oh how do I get through this upcoming Holiday Season without a major meltdown?  Any suggestions? A. Yes, first of all, pick up a product called Serengen to increase your serenity factor during...


Ask the Expert: Depression

Q. My brother has been “jobless” for sometime and I see things taking their toll on him.  It seems depression has set in.  What can he do or take to combat his depression? A. First of all, anyone suffering from depression should not go it alone. ...


Solving Hypoglycemia – The Link to Depression

Clueless as to why you’re depressed, grumpy, or volatile?  Do read on………… Research developed and put into practice since the mid 60’s has shown that when a patient’s blood sugar drops below normal a wide range of physical, behavioral, emotional and mental symptoms occur.  A...


Ask the Expert: Postpartum Depression

Q. How can I deal with postpartum depression? When is it normal vs. abnormal and what can I do alternatively if I need to take an anti-depressant while breast feeding?   A. Postpartum depression is not “normal” although we tend to be seeing more cases in...