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What to expect during a colonic

Perhaps you’ve heard of the many benefits of colonics, but are still nervous to experience one for yourself. Below, I outline the benefits of colon hydrotherapy and what to expect during a colonic. Over time, excess toxic wastes can accumulate in your liver and colon even...


Ask the Expert: Udwarthenum

Q. I’ve heard there is an Ayurvedic fat burning treatment that burns excess belly fat REALLY fast!  What is it called and how does it work? A.It is called UDWARTHENUM. I refer my “toughest, most complicated, have lost the motivation to do a new weight loss program...


The Purge: The Gift of Panchakarma

I turn my thoughts to Panchakarma, the effects of this amazing healing modality and the gift that this gem, this find of a lifetime, has brought to me personally and to my life as a whole. I went to India 3 years ago to pursue the...


Ask the Expert: Detox

Q. I would like to detox, but I’m not sure I need to and, I’m very confused by all the detox teas, herbal blends, tinctures and various detox kits!  Are we all toxic and if so, what do you recommend to begin a “gentle” detox...


Judy Weel – No More Migraines

Here is our update and overview on Judi Weel, 41 year old mother of three, a  lifetime migraine sufferer.  To recap, Judi came to me in May seeking relief from enduring fatigue and mental strain, dizziness, as well as leg and neck pain conjoined with...