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Solving Hypoglycemia – The Link to Depression

Clueless as to why you’re depressed, grumpy, or volatile?  Do read on………… Research developed and put into practice since the mid 60’s has shown that when a patient’s blood sugar drops below normal a wide range of physical, behavioral, emotional and mental symptoms occur.  A...


Judy Weel – No More Migraines

Here is our update and overview on Judi Weel, 41 year old mother of three, a  lifetime migraine sufferer.  To recap, Judi came to me in May seeking relief from enduring fatigue and mental strain, dizziness, as well as leg and neck pain conjoined with...


Ask the Expert: Prostatitis

Q. My husband has been diagnosed with prostatitis.  He seems to have trouble moving his bowels, his urine stream is affected, and in general he feels weak.   A. Prostatitis, or prostitis, is common in men of all ages and is generally caused by bacteria from...


Ask the Expert: Cystitis

Q. I have recurring cystitis.  Bladder infections seem to run in my family, especially for the women on my mom’s side.  Will my daughter be prone towards the same problem?   A. Cystitis, or infection of the bladder, is usually caused by some type of bacteria. ...


Ask the Expert: Candida

Q.  I crave sugar like crazy. Every time I try a new diet I miss carbohydrates and sugar beyond belief. Someone suggested I might have Candida. Could this be the cause of my extreme cravings? A.  It could. The Candida fungus releases wastes into the bloodstream...