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The Secret to Anti-Aging? Oiling!

I was walking down the street recently and an old friend (whom I haven’t seen in sometime) pulls over, rolls down their car window and shouts, “You know you are going to be a beautiful old lady one day.”  Now, this is just what every...


Ask the Expert: Skin Care Remedies

Q. I’m so done spending hundreds of dollars monthly on skin products that eventually show up high in carcinogens or metals like aluminum.  Also, my skin is somewhat sallow, dry and sensitive.  Can you give me simple ideas on how to take great care of...


Ask the Expert: Is it Safe to Use Flax Seeds/Oils

Q. I’ve heard AND read on the Internet that flax seeds and flax oil can possibly promote prostate cancer growth.  A. Flax and its oil have been promoted since the 1950’s as dietary nutrition products containing anti-cancer properties.  Most studies relating to these findings show evidence of...


Ask the Expert: Coconut Oil

Q. I heard coconut is a REALLY bad fat to consume as it is high in saturated fat.  I’d like to get the “skinny” on this conflicted fat that you highly promote in your book! A. Here’s the skinny! Coconut oil has a track record as...


Solving Hypoglycemia – The Link to Depression

Clueless as to why you’re depressed, grumpy, or volatile?  Do read on………… Research developed and put into practice since the mid 60’s has shown that when a patient’s blood sugar drops below normal a wide range of physical, behavioral, emotional and mental symptoms occur.  A...


Ask the Expert: Postpartum Depression

Q. How can I deal with postpartum depression? When is it normal vs. abnormal and what can I do alternatively if I need to take an anti-depressant while breast feeding?   A. Postpartum depression is not “normal” although we tend to be seeing more cases in...