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Antidepressants & Side Effects

I witness so many crossing my threshold "hooked" on antidepressants. Just the other night, I saw an ad for a new and improved antidepressant that listed cancer as a side effects. My husband asked me, "Can these drugs companies really advertise a drug that can...


Ask the Expert: FDA Drug Inspection

Q. Are we protected by the FDA’s inspection procedures regarding contaminates found in drugs such as the Heparin debacle? A. Sadly more than 350 people – suffered potentially deadly allergic reactions due to a key ingredient manufactured in China, derived from pig intestines.  These protein microbes...


Ask the Expert: Mad Cow Disease

Q. Do we still need to be concerned about getting Mad Cow disease from our beef? A. Until greed goes – it will remain a concern.  In 2006 the FDA banned old cow’s brains and spinal cords in all animal feed.  The FDA’s gift to us...


Ask the Expert: Diet Pills

Q. I heard a new and improved diet pill has hit the market, what is the name? Does it work and do I have to worry about side effects? A. The latest supposed “quick fix” pill is called Orlistat (aka Alli) available without a prescription.  This...