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The Secret to Anti-Aging? Oiling!

I was walking down the street recently and an old friend (whom I haven’t seen in sometime) pulls over, rolls down their car window and shouts, “You know you are going to be a beautiful old lady one day.”  Now, this is just what every...


Ask the Expert: Trans Fatty-Acids New Scare

Q. What is the new scare about trans fatty acids?  What should I do to avoid them? A. The “new scare” is actually an old scare!  Trans fatty acids were actually created in the laboratory in the late Forties.  Soybean oil became the first food victim...


Increasing Metabolism in Fall

One can always “eat healthy,” fall, winter, or spring!  Healthy meal plans are a staple! The first suggestion is this – pick up your exercise a bit in the fall.  A good percentage of people tend to put weight on as temperatures drop.  An ideal...