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Oil Swishing!

Oil pulling, oiliating, swishing, oral oil wash, all varied names for THE cheapest and one of the healthiest habits you can embrace! Oil pulling is great for those with gingivitis, as a preventive measure or for those with enamel loss!  Your oral microbiome is the landscape within...


Ayurveda Health Tips

Plan-it Lean combines my clinical nutrition knowledge with holistic Ayurveda wisdom and techniques to create the ultimate customized healthy meal plans and personalized health care plan for you. Now is a great time to start incorporating Ayurvedic practices into your daily routine to remove toxins,...


Ayurveda Ginger Marmalade Recipe

As we transition out of Kapha (winter) season and into Pitta (Spring), now is a good time to begin your weight loss programs, reboot digestion to remove the sluggish energy of winter while preparing for a vibrant, wet 'n juicy spring. This Ayurveda-friendly Ginger Marmalade...


Ginger Mung Sprouts

Fresh Mung Sprouts Mung sprouts, highly regarded in Ayurveda, are lighter and easier to digest than most beans and are widely used in restorative and cleansing dishes such as kitchadi and dal. High in antioxidants, they are a perfect addition to healthy meal plans at Plan-it...


Ask the Expert: Obesity Risk Factors

Q. What factors increase one’s risk of becoming obese later in life? A. Research shows a correlation between prenatal health status, patterns of fat deposition and appetite regulation later in life. What this means is fetuses exposed to high or low levels of nutrition tends towards...


Ask the Expert: Joint Pain

Q. I’m always in pain – my joints hurt, my muscles ache and I am stiff all over – What to do? —I’m a wreck!! A. First and foremost do you move your bowels daily?  If not, your PH is more acidic than it should be....


Ask the Expert: Get Rid of Holiday Stress

Q. My stress this year has been ongoing and non-stop, so – how, oh how do I get through this upcoming Holiday Season without a major meltdown?  Any suggestions? A. Yes, first of all, pick up a product called Serengen to increase your serenity factor during...