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Ask the Expert: Hormonal Balance

Q. I feel like a hormonal train wreck.  My moods vary daily and are most wacky with my cycle.  How can I fix this? A. Hormonal balance is strongly connected to our diet plans, the amount of exercise we get, stress levels, and the amount of...


Ask the Expert: Man Boobs

Q. My husband is developing “man boobs” and he’s only 38 years old.  He’s embarrassed and  I’m jealous!  Any ideas on how to reverse this? A. Regardless, both sexes share the same hormones.  This difference in hormone levels, males vs females is due to the ratios...


Ask the Expert: Menopause

Q:  Help!  I’m in menopause and I’m trying hard not to return to HRT therapy.  However, the recurring hot flashes, moodiness and my lack of sex drive are a huge concern, any suggestions? A:  More and more research is under way regarding estrogenic plant compounds and...


Hormone Replacement Therapy

Q:  Per her gynecologist’s advise, my mother has faithfully taken hormones for the past ten years.  These helped to relieve her hot flashes and also led her to believe the drugs would protect her heart from heart attacks and her bones from developing osteoporosis.  Out...