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Why a Tissue Mineral Analysis and not a Blood Test?

Let us first begin by discussing why a standard blood test may not reveal what is truly occurring biochemically in regards to many different health concerns. In subsequent articles we will discuss the integral relationship of diet plans to your blood, or "nutrient delivery systems". A...


Dealing with Stress

Stress!  It’s far easier not to ponder how truly stressed we are-It’s far too stressful AND, it may slow us down, and we all know there is no time for that! Stress is an unavoidable part of life. However from a consulting perspective I am witness...


Ask the Expert: Peri-Menopause

Q. I am already experiencing hot flashes and sleep problems meanwhile my periods are moving further apart with ever lighter flow. I am only 42, what is up? A. You are entering the often dreaded peri-menospausal cycle. Peri-menopause can begin 8 to 12 years before your...


Ask the Expert: Hormones

Q. Hormones seem so complicated.  I’m moving into menopause.  How do I avoid the wackiness I so often see in my friends and still stay happily married? A. Hormones are complicated – 32 different estrogens have been identified to date.  All hormones exist in the body...


Ask the Expert: Man Boobs

Q. My husband is developing “man boobs” and he’s only 38 years old.  He’s embarrassed and  I’m jealous!  Any ideas on how to reverse this? A. Regardless, both sexes share the same hormones.  This difference in hormone levels, males vs females is due to the ratios...


Ask the Expert: Menopause

Q:  Help!  I’m in menopause and I’m trying hard not to return to HRT therapy.  However, the recurring hot flashes, moodiness and my lack of sex drive are a huge concern, any suggestions? A:  More and more research is under way regarding estrogenic plant compounds and...