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Your pH: Toxic or Alkaline?

With one out of two men and one out of three women in the U.S. traversing towards developing cancer, addressing one’s pH level, primarily through healthy meal plans, is a necessary exploration. If you, like most Americans, lean towards the acidic side, the acid medium...


Ask the Expert: Food Cravings

Q. Why do I crave certain foods, like sugars, so often?  What is this a sign of? A. One of the most common “craving” misconceptions is that if you crave something then it must contain a vitamin, mineral, or nutrient that your body is lacking.  The...


Ask the Expert: Joint Pain

Q. I’m always in pain – my joints hurt, my muscles ache and I am stiff all over – What to do? —I’m a wreck!! A. First and foremost do you move your bowels daily?  If not, your PH is more acidic than it should be....