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Ask the Expert: Peri-Menopause

Q. I am already experiencing hot flashes and sleep problems meanwhile my periods are moving further apart with ever lighter flow. I am only 42, what is up? A. You are entering the often dreaded peri-menospausal cycle. Peri-menopause can begin 8 to 12 years before your...


Ask the Expert: Hormones

Q. Hormones seem so complicated.  I’m moving into menopause.  How do I avoid the wackiness I so often see in my friends and still stay happily married? A. Hormones are complicated – 32 different estrogens have been identified to date.  All hormones exist in the body...


Ask the Expert: Menopause

Q:  Help!  I’m in menopause and I’m trying hard not to return to HRT therapy.  However, the recurring hot flashes, moodiness and my lack of sex drive are a huge concern, any suggestions? A:  More and more research is under way regarding estrogenic plant compounds and...


Hormone Replacement Therapy

Q:  Per her gynecologist’s advise, my mother has faithfully taken hormones for the past ten years.  These helped to relieve her hot flashes and also led her to believe the drugs would protect her heart from heart attacks and her bones from developing osteoporosis.  Out...